Captain James Tachie-Menson Music

The Songs from Land and Sea bring together the sacred compositions of Captain James H. Tachie-Menson. The Captain, a Fante from Ghana, composed in the European tradition and with beauty and sophistication rare in contemporary liturgical music. The lyrics of his music often embrace the difficult themes of Christian faith and provide consolation. The stories behind these songs are precious and have uncommon meditational qualities.

The Captain wrote his music to praise God. His opus magnum is the general anthem "How Lovely is Thy Dwelling," based on Psalm 84. It is elaborate and truly beautiful. Similarily the Christmas, Easter and New Year songs he composed are simply beautiful and lift our hearts to God.

You will enjoy each of these wonderful masterpieces included in the Songs from Land and Sea.

Songs from Land and Sea

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  Name Listen Time Price
1 Willevlutt 5.28
2 Awura Aba Ruby - Where is our God 6.24
3 How Lovely is thy dwelling 4.40
4 Nicholutt 3.07
5 Roberta 3.08
6 Ankransah 2.54
7 Lewis 3.50
8 Mareakmah 4.15
9 Sethalsonne 5.28
10 Leonara 4.50
11 Agnemor 4.48
12 The Lord's Prayer 2.20